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    Laine %variableLaine discovered her love of biology "a few years ago" as an undergraduate. She is now a part-time professor and full-time skin care fanatic. %variable

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    Piper %variablePiper grew up outside New York City and previoulsy worked there as a marketing assistant. She is in the middle of writing her first fiction book and enjoys travelling, shopping, photography, shopping and shopping. %variable

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    Melanie %variableMelanie has been a practicing esthetician for twelve years and always knew that’s what she wanted to do. Taking care of herself and others has been a primary focus in her life. She recently celebrated the birth of a baby girl. %variable

Skin Care News

news Moisturize For Spring

Change is always hard, even when it's just a season. We do it 4 times a year, but the transition to spring always seems to be the hardest.

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news Natural Antioxidants: Acai

Acai has been a popular natural source of antioxidants in the world of vitamins and supplements, and now it's making its appearance in skin care.

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Skin Care Tips

Which Skin Type Do You Have?

Knowing the type of skin you have is essential to make proper decisions about the best skin care products for you, whether it's the best wrinkle cream, moisturizer or anti aging skin care. Depending on your skin type, some beauty products will work better for you than others. %variable

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Anti Aging Skin Care

It just sneaks up on you, seemingly from one day to the next. You sleep well, eat well, exercise and still there they are: lines around your eyes, aging skin and wrinkles. It hurts to see them, but just stand there staring in the bathroom mirror - do something about it! %variable

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